Indeed, current music is shaping our youth negatively and this need to change.



“Let each of you look out not only for his own interests, but also for the interests of others”- Philippians 2:4

It’s Day 2 of the SUPPORT & SERVE Challenge and as the challenge continues, I’d like to introduce a friend of mine.  A friend whose a great example of Philippians 2:4. A friend, who I SUPPORT wholeheartedly because of his willingness to SERVE the kids of our present and future generations through music.

The music of THIS generation……oh, the music of this generation! It truly saddens me (as I’m sure it does for you as well) to see teenagers, even little kids mimic EXACTLY what they hear and see from some of the songs and music videos that are in constant rotation, especially within the genres of rap, hip-hop, and pop. Unfortunately, some of today’s most popular songs are influencing our youth to act out, to view themselves, and to view…

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Rob Hill, Sr. is Great!


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If your looking for some inspiration or wise words, I advise you to listen to the Rob Hill, Sr. Pandora station.  He is an author and motivational speaker that I found out about him via his inspirational posts on Instagram, and I must say that I’m glad that I did because his spoke word is absolutely amazing.

Be sure to check to check out his website:

Janelle Monae “The Electric Lady” Artwork, Tracklist, & Vibe Cover

Idealistic Ambition's

Janelle Monae upcoming album artwork

The artwork and tracklisting has recently been released from Janelle Monae’s second studio album The Electric Lady. Listeners can expect collaborations from Prince, Erykah Badu, Solange, Miguel, Esperanza Spalding. Check out the trackisting for The Electric Lady below!

Disc 1:
1. “Suite IV Electric Overture”
2. “GivinEm What They Love” (feat. Prince)
3. “Q.U.E.E.N.” (ft. Erykah Badu)
4. “Electric Lady” (ft. Solange)
5. “Good Morning Midnight” (Interlude)
6. “PrimeTime” (ft. Miguel)
7. “We Were Rock & Roll”
8. “The Chrome Shoppe” (Interlude)
9. “Dance Apocalyptic”
10. “Look Into My Eyes”

Disc 2:
11. “Suite V Electric Overture”
12. “It’s Code”
13. “Ghetto Woman”
14. “Our Favorite Fugitive” (Interlude)
15. “Victory”
16. “Can’t Live Without Your Love”
17. “Sally Ride”
18. “Dorothy Dandridge Eyes” (ft. Esperanza Spalding)
19. “What An Experience”

Source: Billboard

You can pre-order The Electric Lady here on iTunes and Amazon!


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The State of Hip Hop (Series Intro)

The Angriest Black Man in America


For a while now I have watched, discussed, chronicled, and blogged about Hip Hop. As an eighties baby, Hip Hop and I have grown up together and, therefore, it is a part of my life and influenced a lot of who I am. But the bigger reason that I write about Hip Hop is because Hip Hop is a culture: a sub-culture of American culture.

All sub-cultures are microcosms of the larger culture in which they exist. So I use Hip Hop as a barometer for American culture. If want to know the truth about a culture, look at the sub-cultures. They are the hardest hit by major cultural changes. They are the first to feel the shift in the winds when change comes…and a change is coming.

In this blog series, I endeavor to document the evolution of Hip Hop and discuss what those changes signify about American culture…

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