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Hello! This is my first blog post.  I just going to jump right in as if I’ve been doing this all of my life.  So here it goes….

At times I feel as though there is nothing deserving of my attention on television or Netflix.  There is an infestation of reality shows on television and most movies that I come across are usually just mediocre at best.  So, I took it upon myself to look for movies that I hadn’t heard of that would hold my attention.  Here are some noteworthy movies that I have discovered:

  • Cora Unashamed
  • Mr. and Mrs. Loving
  • Passion Fish
  • The Inkwell
  • The Cider House Rules
  • Conviction
  • Ruby Bridges
  • Ruby’s Bucket of Blood
  • Selma Lord Selma
  • A Soldiers Story
  • Mama Flora’s Family

I hope that you find these movie selections as interesting as I.  Tell me your thoughts.  Have you seen these before? What do you think about them?  What movies would you suggest?