The Angriest Black Man in America


For a while now I have watched, discussed, chronicled, and blogged about Hip Hop. As an eighties baby, Hip Hop and I have grown up together and, therefore, it is a part of my life and influenced a lot of who I am. But the bigger reason that I write about Hip Hop is because Hip Hop is a culture: a sub-culture of American culture.

All sub-cultures are microcosms of the larger culture in which they exist. So I use Hip Hop as a barometer for American culture. If want to know the truth about a culture, look at the sub-cultures. They are the hardest hit by major cultural changes. They are the first to feel the shift in the winds when change comes…and a change is coming.

In this blog series, I endeavor to document the evolution of Hip Hop and discuss what those changes signify about American culture…

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